The LCA Mission

We are a premier athlete management company: the TOP representation of quality athletes who strive to compete at the next level. We promote and carry ourselves with the utmost dignity, pride and respect, which will ultimately bleed over into improving the development, growth, and strengthening our athletes as they train for all aspects of life. While working closely with each of our athletes, coaches, trainers, and key family members, we develop a tailored approach to fighter’s needs so that our team can all ascend to the Next Level.

Our History

LCA Sports Management was founded by LaMont Chappell in 2017. The birth of LCA was founded on the principle that every athlete matters. Whether you’re beginning your career or you’re a seasoned athlete, we give no less than 100% to every individual served. Though we are a new company, LCA has made a tremendous impact on the sport, by signing some of the top athletes in the world. 


LCA's core values


Loyalty is our central pillar at LCA.
Loyalty is embedded in the fabric of who we are. Loyalty is real - it cannot be faked, or learned on its own. It’s something that you just are. It’s what we do.


We are committed to operating in a way that embodies openness, communication, and accountability between management and athletes, to fans and stakeholders.


Here at LCA you can count on us to come through when you need us. Our team prides itself on our dependability both in and outside of the ring or on and off the field.


We believe that consistent action leads to consistent results. Consistency builds trust and is the difference between failure and success.